Seamus Excavating provides an array of services for all your earthmoving needs. Before the project begins, we conduct a value engineering process to ensure the project meets all of your needs in the most efficient way, stays under budget, and is completed on time. Once our teams have thoroughly planned out every aspect of the project, our crews begin the dirt moving process. We provide full-service dirt moving, back filling the dirt once the utility lines are in place, and then stabilizing the soil using Fly Ash or Quick Lime methods.

The crews at Seamus Excavating use a fleet of the latest Caterpillar earthmoving equipment outfitted with GPS controls and operated by experienced, long term employees. Our team also has extensive experience in aggregate and geotextile placement, helping to support and extend the life of parking lots and paved and unpaved roads.

Because our crews specialize solely on full-service dirt moving services, we have established strong partnerships with local utility and paving contractors, enabling the complete site work services to be performed on your job site if needed.

Value Engineering

The value engineering phase of a project is held during the initial planning process. During this phase, all aspects of the project are carefully evaluated for time and cost saving benefits. This phase helps to bring more value for the client, often resulting in a more fluid project process, less delays, and less setbacks, resulting in the project being completed on time.

Value engineering does much more than just reducing the overall life cycle costs of a project. It also helps to improve the overall quality or the work being performed, and plans for ways to reduce any environmental impacts. Our team chooses to use the latest, most advanced equipment to ensure we are getting the job done in the most efficient way, always meeting your deadlines. We also use the most efficient strategies for stabilizing your soil, reducing the need for costly maintenance over time.

At Seamus Excavating, our goal is to provide you the greatest value in all of our work. Based on our experience in the dirt moving industry, our team understands the importance of doing the job right the very first time. We always have your best interest in mind, and want you to receive the greatest value of work in every project we complete.

Full-Service Earth Moving

Seamus Excavating specializes in full-service excavation services in Central Iowa. We provide earth moving and land clearing for new construction and new additions, clean-up and debris removal and site restorations. We are proud to service the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural industries in Central Iowa. Our services include general land clearing and site utilities.

Our experienced and licensed crew provides excavating solutions to meet all of your unique site requirements. We are continuously staying up-to-date on the latest earth moving techniques in order to provide the most efficient, high quality work for your site. With over 35 years in the earth moving industry, you can trust our expertise to get the job done quickly and safely. Contact us today for a free quote on your next project!

Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization is the process of improving the soil quality, strength, and load bearing capacity by blending and mixing it with other materials. There are many methods and ways that soil can be compacted, but Seamus Excavating specializes in the Fly Ash and Quick Lime methods.

Quick Lime Stabilization Method

Lime stabilization refers to the stabilization of soil by the addition of burned limestone products, either calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide. Quick lime is used primarily to stabilize poor quality clay soils, most often used for road beds and building sites. Expansive clay soils can be problematic for roadways and building foundations. As the soil starts to expand and shift over time, the foundation or concrete will crack, resulting in expensive damages. Quick lime works to fix this problem by reducing a soil’s expansive properties.

The Fly Ash Method

The term fly ash refers to the ash generated in coal-fired power plants. Fly ash is used for soil stabilization to improve the soil strength and stiffness and reduce the shrink or swell potential. Fly ash is also used as a drying agent to reduce soil moisture and maintain the overall compaction. Fly ash is most often used to stabilize backfill, bases, embankments, and improve slope or hill stability. The fly ash method works as a cementing agent, fusing the soil grains together, restricting their movement.

Moisture is one of the most common culprits of clay soil shrinking and swelling, often resulting in structure movement and shifting. Fly ash also works to reduce this, by leveling out the moisture in the soil. Fly Ash and Quick Lime soil stabilization methods are often combined for the best support during highway construction. For more information about Seamus Excavating soil stabilization services, contact us today!